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Flash Tales

Get creative and take the Flash Tales challenge.

Five ladies from Amarillo, Texas took the challenge. They let their creativity flow, and in the process, their friendship blossomed, and their writing grew into a book.

Join with these creative writers, Joan Sikes, Diane Neal, Janda Raker, Dianne G. Sagan, and Mary Barbara Gendusa-Yokum as they take you through the process to add that spark to your own writing.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



Shelter from the Storm                                         Dianne G. Sagan

An award winning author tells a story that is all too real and all too prevalent in our society. But Sagan will have you on the edge of your seat, in tears as  you open your heart to Brittany and her children.

Experience Brittany’s ordeal and triumph. Take courage from it for yourself or someone dear to you.

    Poignant and positively captivating, Sagan's latest, Shelter From the Storm, will have you reading far into the night. A must read! -- Deborah LeBlanc, Best-Selling Author of Water Witch

$19.65 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



The Haunting of Candlewood                   Ellen Newton Driscoll

Princes…princesses…dragons…ghosts…mystery…betrayal…and young love, all come together in this second installment of the Candlewood series. The Haunting of Candlewood by talented writer Ellen Newton Driscoll will answer some of the questions posed in her first book, The Dragons of Candlewood, but will leave you asking for more.

Ellen Newton Driscoll has done it again. She has woven a story so great, you won’t be able to put it down until the very end. Then you’ll wait with high expectation for her next Candlewood book.

(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


Notorious Nora   2008 Abilene Book Award Winner   Kelly Jones

Nora loves a good mystery—particularly when she can solve it.

Bright and fun-loving, Nora lives her 6th grade life worrying about tests, asthma, friends, and cheerleading tryouts. Of course she’s always on the lookout for the next mystery and this time she’s found it!

    Will Nora find the trophy in time for the big game?
    Will Nora find out who stole the test?
    Will Zander finally notice his biggest fan?

Come with Nora as she tries to solve the mystery of the championship trophy and the stolen test. Meet her friends Pep and Diva, and her arch nemesis, Candice, the most popular girl in the school. And let’s not forget Zander, the basketball star who leads her to her first great mystery.

Hardcover  $25.05 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


Paperback    $14.25  (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



Selecting Stars                                                   Fred J. Lewis

Ensure the success of your organization by hiring the right people for the right jobs. Read Selecting Stars and take the lessons from it to help make your organization shine.

(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



Winning Isn’t Everything, but Losing is Nothing:
Two Powerful Steps to Insure Business Success       
Fred J. Lewis

Too many businesses fail because they have no real idea of the business they’re in; who they serve; or how to outclass their competition. Fred J. Lewis shares his insight and secrets with you on how to discover those very pertinent facts and put them into practice to succeed.

$19.65 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



Shadow Dancing             Joan R. Neubauer and Stephen F. Neubauer

Those things that go bump in the night make our flesh crawl. They make the little hairs on the back of our necks stand on end. They make us question our eyesight and our sanity. What they don’t do, is make sense.

Our logical, rational view of the world tells us ghosts, and spirits, and Shadow People don’t exist, but our senses tell a different story.

Step into the unknown with those of us who have seen them. Experience the flesh-crawling feeling as they tell their stories of terror. Let your mind question the material world as you step gingerly around the corners of your own home, wondering, anticipating, your own face-to-face contact with faceless Shadow People.

$19.65 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



The Ballad of ‘Ol Hook                               Tom Townsend

Ol’ Hook never did have much use for humans, coyotes, or horses. Coyotes killed his mother. Horses chased him. 

Humans took away his freedom, his only friend, and cut his off his horns.  So when they hauled him to a rodeo and made him a bucking bull, Ol’ Hook figured it time to get even.

The Ballad of Ol’ Hook is the story of a rodeo bull, a girl from east Texas who immortalizes him in song, and a wild young cowboy who must ride him at the moment when everything including his life hangs in the balance.

Author Tom Townsend has done it again; created characters we care about, and a story we don’t want to end.

$19.65 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



A Serpent’s Tooth                                              Joan R. Neubauer

Tell me a story. . .The story of the American Revolution began with people who dared dream of a free and independent nation.

The seeds of Liberty and Independence took hold, rooted, and grew in the cities and towns throughout the colonies. The dream of Freedom called to thousands of brave men and women like Kate McHenry and Michael Fielding in Bristol, Pennsylvania, hitched their dream to that star of Freedom and made it a reality.

Born and raised in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Joan fell in love with the history of the American Revolution, the ideals it strove for, and the people who made it happen. Read A Serpent’s Tooth and nurture your own love affair with the dream that still lights the way for the rest of the world.

$24.00 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



The Drums of Gerald Hurd                                       L.C. Hayden

Journey to the outer reaches of horror with storyteller, novelist extraordinaire, L.C. Hayden.

The Drums of Gerald Hurd will challenge everything you know, or think you know about human nature, life and death, and the desire for revenge.

Not since the classic tales of Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents have readers  enjoyed such tension and horror.

Curl up in your favorite dark corner, in a single circle of light, and enjoy the goosebumps that rise on your flesh with each terror-filled page.

The Drums of Gerald Hurd is a real winner.

$19.65 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


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