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Congratulations! You’ve just discovered how to secure that long sought after royalty contract. WordWright.biz, Inc. has created two imprints to do just this. Our One Night Books imprint addresses the need in the marketplace for smaller, quick-read books that compel readers to finish them in one night. And, our WordWright Lx imprint provides for larger high quality books.

Authors of One Night Books and WordWright Lx books need to have three very important characteristics: a marketable, polished manuscript; excellent, energetic public speaking skills; and superior sales skills. This will create a situation where the selected authors will have a high quality book and the skills to successfully promote and sell. Your submission needs to follow the guidelines for your one page synopsis, manuscript, bio, marketing plan, and self-evaluation form.

  1. One Page Synopsis
  2. Manuscript Requirements:
    • One Night Books: A complete manuscript of between 20,000 and 25,000 words. (In one file.)
    • WordWright Lx: A complete manuscript of greater than 25,000 words. (In one file.)
      • Written in Microsoft Word Version 5.0 or higher or WordPerfect 5.0 or higher.
      • Have no greater than 5% passive voice as measured by the Spelling and Grammar checker in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.
      • Nonfiction or fiction, including genre fiction, of wide interest.
      • Font: Courier New, 12 point; double spaced with one-inch margins all around; slug in the upper left hand corner with page numbers in the upper right hand corner. (If you need more specific formatting instructions, please e-mail Joan Neubauer at Jnwriter@bigbend.net for a PDF file containing more detailed information.)
      • Title page should include title, author’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and word count. (Please figure word count in the following manner: multiply 250 (words) x number of manuscript pages.)
      • All submissions will be evaluated in their electronic format. No hardcopy submissions will be accepted. If this material appears promising we will contact you via e-mail. Please allow at least 60 days to hear from us.
  3. Bio:
    Your bio should equally highlight writing successes, public speaking experiences, and successes selling any product or service. Here are some examples.

Writing Successes

  • author of previously published books
  • editor of church bulletin
  • regular contributor to community
  • newsletter
  • author of hometown newspaper column
  • technical writing for your employer
  • author of a self-published book
  • copywriting
  • freelancing


Public Speaking Experience

  • involvement with public speaking
  • book promotional efforts
  • training organizations
  • Sunday school teacher
  • officer of a community service
  • organization
  • teaching experience
  • on-air radio or TV experience
  • political candidate or office holder
  • regularly make presentations to senior management

Sales Experience
(Explain how you did it.)

  • number of published books sold
  • sales representative of the month for your employer
  • amount of money raised for a service organization
  • success recruiting members into an organization
  • entrepreneurial sales experiences


    4. Marketing Plan:

    Please e-mail us at info@WordWright.biz and request the “Marketing Plan Template” This template contains the directions for completing it.

    5. Self-evaluation form

    Please e-mail us at info@WordWright.biz and request the “Self-Evaluation Form.” This form contains the directions for completing it.

    How to Submit

    Send an e-mail to info@WordWright.biz that includes the following information:

      Day/Evening Phone
      Title of Submission
      How you learned about WordWright.biz
      Separate file attachments for:
      One page synopsis
      Marketing Plan
      Self-evaluation form


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