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The Hail and the Fury                                                  Gordon Payne

Tornados strike fear in the heart. They cause physical destruction and take a devastating toll on human life.

They kill. They maim. They destroy lives.

But sometimes, just sometimes, they have the odd effect of saving lives in some very important ways.

The Hail and the Fury, tenth book in the One Night Book imprint, proves once again that great things come in small packages. Gordon Payne weaves a tale of terror resilience of the human spirit that you will long remember.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



Sammie                                                               Barbara Newton

Nightmares and death go hand in hand in this chillling tale of love and murder.

Loving sisters, Elizabeth and Sammie cared for one another as children, but when Sammie was murdered, big sister Elizabeth felt she had let her sister down, and she never forgave herself.

This latest offering in the One Night Books imprint, is a suspense thriller in the best tradition of the genré. You’ll definitely want to read this one in One Night. This is Barbara Newton’s best yet!

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)



Syncopated Summer                                        Barbara B. Rollins

Luisa Lorca grew up with a love of music, a talent for the saxophone, and dreams. But more often than not, real life got in the way.

She had her chores, and school, and family responsibilities. Then of course, she had to contend with her brother Roberto.

But Luisa never let go of her love of music. She never gave up her beloved saxophone. And she never lost sight of her dreams. Syncopated Summer is a story that speaks to the humanity in all of us.

A must read for anyone who has ever had a dream.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Alternate Route      Suzanne Harris, PhD

Full of readily available alternative therapies and treatments, this book can help you cope, improve, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

As a long-term sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the author guides you along the path that she took to gain control of the disease, revealing the products and therapies that worked for her along the way.

Readers will find this book packed full of useful advice from professionals in alternative medication, in-depth product research, and a complete section of easy recipes.

A must for any Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer… easy to read in just One Night!

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




Shortcuts to Happiness                                       Bob Sutherland

A step-by step owner’s manual which provide simple, but proven steps to reach the most sought after prize in life…individual happiness.

Some of the life changing topics in the book include: Letting go of thoughts that don’t serve you well; not following tribal customs; breaking free of the damaging opinions of others; giving up the need to always be right; not believing your own debilitating life’s story; and cherishing your failures.

This special book directs you through simple practices for living a happy life that never comes up short even when times get tough. You now have in your hands the very key that will guide your journey into lasting happiness.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




Dark Tales of the Tower                                    Donna Munch

Journey through haunted towers, hop on a double-decker bus, and explore William Shakespeare’s village, all through the eyes of twelve-year-old Chloe Pippin, whose anger continues to get her into trouble. When Chloe and her eleven-year-old brother Luke travel from Philadelphia to England to visit Uncle Wills, who guards the Tower of London, Chloe discovers dark secrets that threaten to destroy her.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




Special Delivery               Joan R. Neubauer & Stephen F. Neubauer

Take a tip from the pros. . .

Steve and Joan Neubauer, authors and publishers at WordWright.biz, have taken informative columns from The Wright Stuff, their popular writers’ newsletter, and compiled them into a book.

Education provides the key to success in any field, and writing is no different. This little volume, the first in a series of Special Delivery books, can provide the first step in the path to publication.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




How to Upsize Your Career                                  Marty Morris

In the past ten to fifteen years, many have suddenly lost their jobs and have no idea of how to respond. Despite the blow-softening words, a job loss can be traumatic.

Job search techniques have changed dramatically, and you need to know which ones to use to get you the position you want. This book can help you in ways you might not have thought about before. Written by a victim of downsizing, How To Upsize Your Career, will take you through the steps that will help you find your next position.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




Ghosts of Whitner                                                    Jean LeVitt

When eleven-year-old Josie and her family spend the summer in the old deserted Whitner Iron Company town, she just knew the summer was going to be boring. And then she met Lucy, her first real friend.

The girls explore the town together until Josie finds that Whitner and her new friend are not what they seem. Lucy knew things about the town and about the people that Josie would have never guessed. . . and then she knew.

Josie learns not only about Whitner’s mysteries, but important truths about friendship.

$14.25 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


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