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Noble Generation, Volume II Stephen F. Neubauer & Joan R. Neubauer (editors)

No nation or set of ideals has captured the imagination of the world as the American Experience. Since its birth, the ideals of this nation have held a beacon of hope and light that people from all cultures, creeds, and races have aspired to. They have come to the United States of America to begin anew, and to live in freedom. In return, they have given of themselves to forge the greatest, strongest nation the world has ever known. These are the stories of a generation—straight from their hearts to yours.

    This collection of stories written by some of our Noble Generation reflects the talent, courage, humor and many other qualities that have helped shape our lives. They will make you laugh, cry, and remember in a very enjoyable journey down memory lane. Thanks to Barnes & Noble, and Steve and Joan Neubauer, but most of all, those who shared their life stories with us.-- Ken Bomar, Marketing Director, Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services

The proceeds of this book will be donated to Writers League of Texas to assist senior writers.

$19.90 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




The Noble Generation             Stephen F. Neubauer & Joan R. Neubauer (editors)

The Twentieth Century. . .
   The American Century. . .

Call it what you will, but during those hundred years, a generation endured the setbacks of Depression, the privations of war and the pangs of rebuilding. They fought their whole lives to rebuild an economy, a nation, and then their families. Because of them, we still enjoy life and liberty. This book tells their story as only they can.

$17.50 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)





S.C.A.T.                           Michael Egbert with Joan R. Neubauer

Peek into the world of an undercover cop.

Michael Egbert spent 22 months with an undercover unit somewhere in Colorado where he dealt with an unbelievable array of career criminals. From spending the night in jail with a murderer to posing as an infamous underworld figure, Michael Egbert has a story to tell, a story that will keep you turning the pages, and wanting to read more. This book will give you a whole new appreciation for the brave men and women who protect and serve.

Award-winning author, Joan R. Neubauer, has marshaled her skills as a writer to bring Michael Egbert’s story alive and let you live with him. Sensitive yet gritty, readers will find S.C.A.T. to be a book they cannot put down, and one they will recommend to others.

$25.05 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)






Heart of My Heart                          Bill Harris with Joan R. Neubauer

Heart of My Heart is a love story that spans more than 50 years.

They fell in love at the University of Texas, but a terrible tragedy, a strict code of behavior, misunderstandings, marriages, separations, children, and hard time, all placed obstacles in their path, yet their love never waned.

Neither of them had led happy lives. Neither of them had the love they sought. Yet, they persevered.

After 22 years, fate stepped in and this couple found each other once again and the happiness they had created for each other when they had barely been out of their teens was renewed.

Heart of My Heart will reach down into your soul to renew your faith in finding that special person. It will cause your heart to sing and make you thankful for the very special people you already have in your life.

$25.05 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)




Down But Not Out               Tom Docherty with Joan R. Neubauer

Down But Not Out is Tom Docherty’s story, a story of tragedy and triumph, of a will that refused to break.

Hit head-on by a drunk driver on Houston’s busy Interstate Highway 45, no one expected him to live the night. But refusing to give up hope, doctors stabilized him and performed emergency surgery while his wife and family hoped and prayed.

During his long months of coma and physical therapy he held fast to the faith that one day he would walk out of the hospital under his own power, that he would regain his life, and once more wear the beloved blue uniform of a Houston cop.

Joan R. Neubauer brings Tom’s story alive and grabs the reader by the heart. A real page-turner, Tom’s story offers every reader inspiration for their own life

$19.65 (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


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