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Meet Joan R. Neubauer

All my life I've wanted to be a writer, and now, I'm living my dream. I write books and stories from my heart. I also realize there are other people out there who have stories inside them, people who have the desire to put those stories on paper. It doesn't matter if it's an autobiography, a family history, or a novel they've always wanted to write. They have the story. They just don't know where to begin.

One of my greatest joys is to help someone else, show them the way, and put them on the path to fulfilling their dream. A very happy and humbling moment came when I opened my mailbox one day and I found a note which read, “Thank you for writing this book. It was just what I needed to get started.” My fondest hope is that some of you reading this page will find what you need to get started as well.

Joan R. Neubauer's work has appeared in national and regional publications. She has written on a wide array of subjects including history, camping, nutrition, business, wedding planning, writing and personal biographies. She is a public speaker who addresses a variety of subjects for organizations, writers' groups, and corporations. She also teaches classes and workshops on the subject of writing.

Joan graduated from what is now West Chester University in Pennsylvania and taught Spanish and English as a second language for a number of years in government programs, private schools, community colleges, and continuing education programs and began freelancing in 1987.

In 1990 she founded Word Wright International, a copywriting firm to serve the writing needs of Houston's business community, as well as individuals who wish to write their personal stories.

On the subject of autobiographies she says, “they are by far the most enthralling adventures I have had as a writer. Each one makes me wonder how many other wonderful stories there are to tell. “Today, Joan resides with her family in Texas where she continues to write and seek out other interesting stories to tell.

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Joan R. Neubauer


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