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WordWright.biz is a U.S. publishing corporation based in the mountains of West Texas. The company was formed in 1980 under stewardship of Chief Executive Officer, Joan R. Neubauer. From the beginning Joan approached the business in a much different manner than traditional publishing houses. As an author herself she learned many things about the publishing industry that she liked and disliked. She often found things that made her say, “If I ran a publishing company I would never treat my authors like this.” This battle cry became the basis of WordWright.biz, Inc.

WordWright has authors based in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. We publish most genres of fiction and non-fiction of interest to general readers. We focus on the author not the genre of the book. We look for energetic, curious authors who want to learn about how to create a wonderful book, promote it, and sell it. We are equally committed to finding and nurturing the first-time author as we are to bestseller publishing. At WordWright we’re an author incubator and we help new authors understand the world of publishing. We teach and help you along the way so you can achieve your dream of publication. We actively work with our authors to help promote them and their books by securing book signings and presentations.

We do not publish children’s books or cook books.


Steve Neubauer
WordWright.biz, Inc.
Traditional Publisher & Author Incubator
We Buy Quality Manuscripts from Tomorrow's Stars
WordWright Business Park
46561 State Highway 118
Alpine, TX 79830
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